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Pretix is a highly versatile and effective platform for managing event ticket sales, built on the robust Django framework. It offers an easy and efficient way to handle ticketing for various types of events, from small gatherings to large-scale conferences.

pretix – Reinventing ticket sales for conferences, festivals, exhibitions, ...
pretix helps you to sell tickets for your event in an easy way. It supports multi-lingual events and provides a wide range of features


Key features of Pretix include its flexible ticket shop system that enables users to set up and customize their own event page. This page can include multiple ticket categories, variable prices, and different payment options providing a seamless experience for attendees. It also supports multilingual events and has extensive data export capabilities.

Another notable feature is it's in-built check-in tool that allows organizers to verify tickets at the entry point using Pretix's mobile app. This ensures smooth operation during the event. Moreover, Pretix respects data privacy and provides extensive control over what data is collected during the ticket purchasing process.

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