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QuickChart is a powerful and versatile API that facilitates the creation of chart images, PDFs, and QR codes. It leverages the potential of Chart.js, a renowned open-source charting library, making it an optimal solution for non-dynamic environments such as emails, SMS, and chat rooms.

Chart Images from URL | QuickChart
Create a chart image with one URL and embed anywhere. Open source, no watermarks.


A key advantage of QuickChart is its hosted solutions. Rendering large-scale projects can be challenging and resource-heavy. QuickChart is designed to handle the more demanding aspects of this process, freeing you up to concentrate on building your application. Purchasing a license also allows you the flexibility to modify QuickChart according to your requirements for private or on-premises commercial usage.

One of QuickChart's defining features is its versatility. The API defines a chart by its URL which means it can be used with any programming language. Plus, as it produces images, these charts can be incorporated almost anywhere creating an efficient way for users to communicate data.

With 1420 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-19 the project looks healthy.