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Experience seamless migration and robust scalability with ScyllaDB, the NoSQL database designed for high-velocity, large-volume data with low latency.

Overview: ScyllaDB is a high-performance NoSQL database architected to handle large volumes of data with low latency. It offers seamless API compatibility with Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, empowering developers to migrate existing applications or build new ones on a robust, scalable platform. Its shard-per-core architecture maximizes hardware efficiency to deliver predictable performance at scale.

ScyllaDB is the distributed database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency.

Key Features

  • Shard-Per-Core Architecture: Each CPU core gets its own shard, optimizing resource usage and minimizing contention between operations.
  • High Availability: Designed with no single point of failure; supports multi-datacenter replication for geographically dispersed resilience.
  • Superior Performance: Written in C++ using the Seastar framework to achieve highly asynchronous operations without garbage collection stalls.
  • API Compatibility: Seamless integration with existing Cassandra and DynamoDB ecosystems through compatible APIs.
  • Innovative Compaction Strategies: Features like Incremental Compaction reduce storage overhead and improve overall database performance.
  • Advanced Caching: Hot partitions are cached in memory to provide swift data access and improved read performance.
  • Workload Prioritization: Allows prioritizing different workloads to ensure critical tasks are completed first.
  • Distributed Design: Data is evenly distributed across the cluster using a virtual ring architecture for balanced workloads.
  • No Vendor Lock-In: Deployable on any cloud platform or on-premises environment, offering flexibility and avoiding single-vendor dependency.
  • Fully Managed DBaaS Option: ScyllaDB Cloud provides a hassle-free database as a service for those who prefer managed solutions.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Rapid Data Migration Projects: Quickly shift from existing Cassandra or DynamoDB setups to ScyllaDB without changing application codebase.
  • IOT Data Streams Analysis: Integrate ScyllaDB to manage high-velocity data streams from IoT devices for real-time analytics and decision making.
  • E-commerce Personalization Engines: Utilize ScyllaDB's fast read/write capabilities to power recommendation systems that can update user preferences in real-time.
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