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Selenoid is an innovative tool designed to provide a lightweight Selenium hub implementation, which facilitates the launching of browsers directly within Docker containers. This robust solution simplifies the process of running automated tests on web applications by efficiently handling browser sessions and capabilities.

Aerokube Selenoid | A cross browser Selenium solution for Docker
Live and automated cross browser Selenium testing in Docker containers


Key features of Selenoid include its small footprint and ability to run browsers within isolated Docker environments. This unique approach ensures that each testing session has its dedicated container, which eliminates the potential for cross-session data leaks and provides a more stable testing environment. Additionally, being able to manage browser versions, screen resolutions, and other parameters at runtime makes it versatile and highly configurable.

Moreover, Selenoid can be easily integrated with existing CI/CD pipelines due to its native support for Docker. It also provides live browser screen access during tests, detailed logs for each test session, and automatic video recording capabilities. These features make troubleshooting easier and enhance the overall productivity of the development cycle.

With 2391 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-14 the project looks healthy.