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Technitium DNS Server

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The Technitium DNS Server is a comprehensive networking solution that serves as both an authoritative and recursive DNS server. It's designed to provide a robust, reliable, and efficient way of directing internet traffic and resolving domain names into IP addresses. Adding value to its functions, it also incorporates ad-blocking features to enhance the user browsing experience by eliminating unwanted advertisements.

Technitium DNS Server | An Open Source DNS Server For Privacy & Security
Technitium DNS Server is an open source authoritative as well as recursive DNS server that can be used for self hosting a DNS server for privacy & security.


Key features of the Technitium DNS Server include its authoritative and recursive abilities. As an authoritative server, it has the power to provide original source information for specific domain names. This not only improves speed by reducing response times but also increases accuracy by eliminating reliance on intermediaries. On the other hand, as a recursive server, it can make requests on behalf of another server or client, ensuring a smooth interaction between different servers.

The distinguishing feature that sets Technitium apart from other servers is its integrated ad blocking functionality. This feature not only optimizes browsing by removing distracting ads but also contributes to improving page load times and overall network performance. By leveraging these key components, Technitium DNS Server stands out as a comprehensive network tool capable of delivering superior functionality while ensuring optimal user experience.

With 2382 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-23 the project looks healthy.