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SnappyMail delivers a fresh approach to web-based email client solutions. It's a lightweight platform that prioritizes speed without compromising on functionality. Focused on the user experience, SnappyMail offers an exceptional performance grade while keeping resource requirements to an absolute minimum. It's built upon the well-received RainLoop but has been significantly modified to ensure compatibility with modern browsers, including mobile ones.

SnappyMail, your webmail client - SnappyMail


Core features of SnappyMail include comprehensive support for IMAP and SMTP protocols inclusive of SSL and STARTTLS. It also extends support for Sieve scripts, enabling users to easily implement filters and vacation messages. SnappyMail refrains from storing emails locally on the web server, instead providing direct access to the mail server. With support for managing multiple accounts simultaneously across different browser tabs, SnappyMail truly caters to multifaceted usage scenarios.

In addition to its primary features, SnappyMail includes an admin panel for convenient configuration of main options and allows easy installation and updates directly from the admin panel itself. Users can also manage their folders list, customize the look'n'feel according to their preferences and extend functionality through plugins available for installation via the admin panel. Other functionalities include perfect rendering of complex HTML emails, drag'n'drop capabilities for mails and attachments along with keyboard shortcuts support.

The essence of SnappyMail lies in its modifications made from RainLoop. This includes GDPR-friendly privacy settings with no integration with social media platforms or external cloud storage services. Also included are password_hash/password_verify for admin use and dark mode option among several others.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.