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Spacebin is a robust text-sharing platform designed for the modern digital age. It leverages the power of Golang and Fiber to ensure a smooth, efficient, and reliable service for users seeking to share text across the infinite expanses of the internet. Whether it's sharing code snippets, essential notes, or any form of textual information, Spacebin is your go-to solution in the final frontier of digital communication.

Spacebin: Text sharing for the final frontier
A highly-reliable pastebin server, built in Go, that’s capable of serving notes, code, or any other documents.


The key strength of Spacebin lies in its reliability. Built using the powerful programming language Golang and backed by Fiber's high-performing web framework, it promises unparalleled performance. The server rarely experiences downtimes or slowdowns; instead, it consistently delivers fast and hassle-free text sharing experiences.

But Spacebin isn't just about speed and reliability; it's also about user convenience. The software features an intuitive interface that makes text sharing as simple as a few clicks. Furthermore, its Pastebin server offers users easy access to their shared texts anytime they want. With Spacebin, not only can you share your texts effectively but also manage them efficiently.

With 78 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-02-11 the project looks stale.