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Dive into the world of digital reading with Stump, a speedy, entirely free and open-source server designed for streaming comics, manga and digital books. Notably renowned for its OPDS (Open Publication Distribution System) compatibility. Stump provides an impressive platform for avid readers as well as comic and manga enthusiasts.

Stump | Stump
Free, open source, self-hosting for your comic books, manga and digital book collections.


In terms of key features, Stump shines with its user-friendly interface plus the speed at which it operates. Thanks to being open-source, users can also modify the software to best suit their needs. It's an ideal software for those who wish to enjoy reading without any hindrance. It is designed specifically to deliver high-speed performance when streaming content.

Furthermore, the integral feature of OPDS support gives it an edge over other similar platforms by allowing users to integrate their existing library or directly download publications from public OPDS catalogs. Thus providing not only a streamlined experience but also a vast pool of resources to choose from. Embrace the power of open-source reading technology with Stump.

With 502 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-23 the project looks healthy.