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Tanoshi is a comprehensive, web-based manga reader designed for personal use. It allows users to curate their favorite manga titles in one place and facilitates an immersive reading experience. This software is self-hosted, meaning it can be installed on your personal server and accessed from any device with internet connectivity.

GitHub - faldez/tanoshi: Selfhosted web manga reader.
Selfhosted web manga reader. Contribute to faldez/tanoshi development by creating an account on GitHub.


Feature-wise, Tanoshi stands out due to its wide array of built-in extensions. These extensions offer access to various manga sources, enabling the users to choose their preferred titles from a variety of options. Furthermore, they ensure an uninterrupted reading experience by eliminating the need to switch between multiple websites or platforms.

Additionally, Tanoshi comes with user-friendly configurations and settings that allow easy navigation through its interface. This makes it ideal for both beginner and experienced users who want a seamless way to enjoy their favorite manga. With Tanoshi, your favorite manga stories are always just a click away.

With 376 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-31 the project looks healthy.