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UnrealIRCd is a robust Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server that offers great flexibility and advanced configuration options. Developed using the C programming language, it's designed to run on a wide range of platforms such as Linux, BSD, Windows, and macOS. This makes it an ideal choice for users seeking a versatile IRC server solution that can adapt to various operating systems.

UnrealIRCd - The most widely deployed IRC server - UnrealIRCd
UnrealIRCd - The most widely deployed IRC server


The standout feature of UnrealIRCd is its modular structure which allows users to add or remove functionality as per their needs. This extensibility not only enhances its adaptability but also makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a tailor-made IRC experience.

Further enhancing its appeal is the high degree of configurability that UnrealIRCd offers. Users can tweak the settings to optimize performance and suit their specific use cases better. The fact that this powerful IRC server solution has been written in C adds to its efficiency and performance across all supported platforms.

With 376 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.