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Temboz is a sophisticated feed reader that makes use of two columns to help manage and filter through vast amounts of information. Designed to tackle the challenge of information overload, it ensures that users can quickly and effectively sift through multiple feeds without feeling overwhelmed.

GitHub - fazalmajid/temboz: The Temboz RSS/Atom feed reader
The Temboz RSS/Atom feed reader. Contribute to fazalmajid/temboz development by creating an account on GitHub.


The software's main strength lies in its powerful filtering capabilities. It allows users to customize their feed according to their preferences and interests. This personalized approach enables users to focus on the most relevant content, thereby eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Another prominent feature of Temboz is its two-column layout. This design aspect assists in organizing the feeds in a more structured manner, making it easier for users to monitor simultaneous feeds without confusion. This dual-column setup coupled with its robust filtering feature transforms Temboz into an effective tool for managing information overload.

With 69 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-20 the project looks healthy.