The Lounge
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The Lounge

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The Lounge is a highly advanced, self-hosted web IRC client that allows you to stay connected with your communities at all times. It offers an easily deployable and user-friendly platform for real-time chat, making communication simpler and more efficient.

The Lounge
The Lounge is a self-hosted web IRC client for the modern world.


The software sets itself apart with its multiple user support functionality. It enables multiple users to use the service simultaneously, ensuring seamless communication among different parties, be it for personal or professional purposes. In addition, it's designed to stay connected even when you close your browser. This means you never have to miss out on important chats or discussions.

An added advantage of The Lounge is its ability to connect from multiple devices at once. This feature makes it an ideal choice for users who frequently switch between devices and need constant access to their chats. Furthermore, the responsive layout of The Lounge makes it compatible with all devices including smartphones, thus delivering a comfortable user experience no matter how you choose to access the platform.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.