Tiny Tiny RSS
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Tiny Tiny RSS

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Tiny Tiny RSS is a compact, yet robust open-source online application designed for reading and aggregating news feeds. This software optimizes your feed reading experience by bringing the convenience of any location reading while delivering a user experience similar to a desktop application.

Tiny Tiny RSS


The distinguishing feature of Tiny Tiny RSS is its server-side AJAX-powered structure that only requires a user to have a web browser. It offers feed aggregation or syndication, keyboard control accessibility, and OPML import/export capability for easy migration. More than just a basic reader, it provides several sharing options from sharing via URL or RSS feeds, using plugins with various social media sites or even sharing arbitrary content through tt-rss.

Further enhancing its performance are features like support for mobile devices, internationalization capabilities, a wide array of plug-ins and themes. It's also equipped with intelligent systems like detecting and filtering duplicate articles and flexible article filtering. What's more? It supports podcasts too! The JSON-based API adds more versatility to its functionality. Lastly, this high-powered software is free under GNU GPLv3 license.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.