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ViMbAdmin stands as a comprehensive web-based virtual mailbox management solution. It caters to the needs of mail administrators by providing an easy-to-use platform where they can effectively manage domains, mailboxes, and aliases. This software brings efficiency and simplicity to your fingertips, helping users navigate through the complexities of managing numerous mail accounts.

ViMbAdmin :: Virtual Mailbox Administration
Virtual Mailbox Administration


The key features of ViMbAdmin allow for streamlined handling of various tasks. For instance, it offers efficient domain management tools that make the control over an array of domains a breeze. Administrators are able to create, delete or modify domains in an uncomplicated manner.

Moreover, ViMbAdmin shines when it comes to managing mailboxes and aliases. The software provides tools that enable easy creation, deletion or modification of mailboxes and aliases. This not only saves time but ensures accuracy in the overall process.

In summary, ViMbAdmin is a one-stop solution for all your mailbox administration needs. Its user-friendly design combined with robust functionality ensures effective control over domains, mailboxes and aliases.

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