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Wakapi is a powerful tool that allows developers to keep track of their coding statistics. Fully compatible with WakaTime, it serves as a valuable instrument for anyone looking to gain insights into their programming habits and productivity.

Wakapi - Coding Statistics
Wakapi is an open-source tool that helps you keep track of the time you have spent coding on different projects in different programming languages and more. Ideal for statistics freaks and anyone else.


A key feature of Wakapi is its compatibility with WakaTime. This means you can conveniently transfer your data between the two platforms without any complications. It's design ensures effortless integration and seamless operation, providing users with an easy-to-use interface and practical functionality.

Furthermore, Wakapi offers in-depth statistical analysis of your coding patterns. This includes metrics on the languages you use most frequently, the projects you spend the most time on, and even the specific parts of your day when you are most productive. With these insights gained from Wakapi's comprehensive reporting, one can make targeted improvements to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in coding tasks.

With 1625 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-30 the project looks healthy.