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The wantguns/bin is a highly streamlined pastebin that allows for both text and binary files. Housed within a single statically-linked binary, it's designed to be an efficient, minimalistic tool for your coding or file-sharing needs.

GitHub - wantguns/bin: highly opinionated, minimal pastebin
highly opinionated, minimal pastebin. Contribute to wantguns/bin development by creating an account on GitHub.


Key features of wantguns/bin include its capacity to handle text and binary files. This provides versatility in the kinds of information you can store and share through this pastebin. Moreover, being housed within a single statically linked binary means that it operates independently without needing to rely heavily on the system libraries - this is advantageous as it simplifies deployment and reduces compatibility issues.

In addition to these, wantguns/bin maintains its emphasis on minimalism. It omits unnecessary complexity while still being able to do what's necessary. This results in speedy operation and reduces the potential for errors or issues. Overall, wantguns/bin offers a streamlined solution for storing and sharing both text-based and binary data.

With 136 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-07-23 the project looks abandoned.