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WonderCMS represents an amalgamation of simplicity and power. This unique content management system (CMS), launched in 2008, utilizes a flat-file system to ensure a small footprint while offering robust features. It's designed for those who need an efficient and easy-to-use CMS that doesn't compromise on performance.

WonderCMS is the smallest flat file CMS for building websites and blogs, runs only on 5 files.


WonderCMS stands out from the crowd with its key features. Firstly, its flat file structure eliminates the need for complex databases, simplifying setup and maintenance processes. Despite its compact size, WonderCMS packs in all the necessary features needed for proficient website development such as SEO-friendly URLs, flexible CSS frameworks, and easy theme customization.

In addition to its core features, WonderCMS provides users with customizable security measures such as login protection and custom URL creation. It also supports markdown editing which enables users to format text without having to learn HTML or CSS syntax. No installation is required, making it perfect for those who prioritize efficiency and usability in their CMS.

With 579 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-02 the project looks stale.