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Yeti-Switch serves as an exemplary Class 4 softswitch that seamlessly integrates billing and routing engine capabilities. It's designed to handle large volumes of long-distance calls, offering voice service providers a robust and efficient solution to streamline their call transit procedures.

YETI - VOIP for humans


The standout feature of Yeti-Switch is its sophisticated integrated billing system. This feature allows for real-time call charge calculations, enabling service providers to monitor and manage their revenue effectively. The softswitch also comes with an in-built routing engine that simplifies call distribution by choosing the most efficient paths in real-time.

Moreover, Yeti-Switch boasts a REST API integration, offering enhanced flexibility and ease-of-use for developers. The API enables quicker application integration while ensuring high performance and reliability. With this feature, service providers can easily customize the platform to meet their specific needs or incorporate it into more complex telecommunication infrastructure systems.

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