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Zenko CloudServer

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Zenko CloudServer is a robust, open-source solution that offers seamless integration with the Amazon S3 protocol. Developed to handle large-scale data, it provides an efficient and flexible way to manage your cloud storage needs.

Open Source CloudServer Multi-Cloud Storage Written In Node.js | Zenko
Build S3-based applications faster, store data anywhere. Open-source object storage project. Enable on-premises S3-based app development & deployment.


The first key feature of Zenko CloudServer is its adherence to the Amazon S3 protocol. This compatibility ensures easy interoperability with a vast number of S3 applications and services. It lets users interact with their data through a standardized interface, which simplifies data management and enhances overall efficiency.

Another significant attribute of Zenko CloudServer is its open-source nature allowing for customization based on your unique requirements. Users can modify the code according to their business needs, ensuring versatility and scalability. Furthermore, being open-source means continuous updates from a community of developers dedicated to improving the software's functionality.

Lastly, Zenko CloudServer is built for large-scale data handling in mind. Whether it's big data analytics or simple file storage, this software can accommodate evolving storage needs. With Zenko CloudServer, managing significant volumes of data becomes less daunting and more streamlined.

With 1534 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-20 the project looks healthy.