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Discover Affine, where documents, whiteboards, and databases converge in a privacy-centric, offline-first workspace for seamless collaboration.

Overview: Affine is an open-source workspace platform designed to merge documents, whiteboards, and databases into one seamless interface. It prioritizes privacy with a local-first approach to data ownership and offers a community-driven development process. Ideal for creative minds looking to write, draw, plan, or collaborate all in one place.

AFFiNE - All In One KnowledgeOS
The universal editor that lets you work, play, present or create just about anything.

Key Features

  • Hyper Merged: Unify writing, drawing, and planning in one interface for a smooth transition between workflows.
  • Privacy Focused: Built with privacy as a core principle, ensuring users maintain control over their data.
  • Offline-First: Use Affine offline with full functionality and sync changes when you reconnect.
  • Clean Design: A modern interface that's responsive across devices including tablets.
  • Block Editor with Markdown: Utilize Markdown within a modern block editor for an efficient editing experience.
  • Collaboration: Real-time collaboration features make it simple for teams to work together effectively.
  • Multilingual Support: Thanks to community contributions, Affine supports multiple languages.

Affine Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Idea Management: Low-code developers can leverage Affine as an ideation platform where they can jot down, organize, and visualize ideas using text and diagrams.
  • Project Planning: Integrate Affine into workflow management systems for project planning with visual boards that can be easily shared and edited by team members.
  • Kickstart Documentation: Quickly create documentation with embedded code snippets and visuals using Affine's block editor—perfect for low-code environments where documentation needs to keep pace with development.
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