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AWStats stands out as a robust analytics tool that produces detailed reports from different types of server logs - be it web, streaming, FTP, or mail. It pulls data from server log files and presents it in a user-friendly format, enabling users to gain valuable insights about their server activities.

AWStats - Open Source Log File Analyzer for advanced statistics (GNU GPL)
AWStats Official Web Site - Compile and generate advanced graphical web, ftp or mail statistics with a logfile analysis (For IIS, Apache,... distributed under GNU GPL).


This software highlights its versatility with the ability to process numerous types of log files. Whether you're interested in understanding your web traffic patterns through web server logs or uncovering user behavior on your streaming platform via streaming server logs, AWStats has got you covered. Similarly, it provides useful insights about data transfer activities through FTP logs and email exchanges through mail server logs.

Moreover, AWStats is known for its comprehensive reporting. It doesn't just provide raw numbers but offers in-depth analysis allowing users to understand and interpret their data better. The reports generated by this software contain numerous metrics such as the number of visits, unique visitors, duration of visits, rush hours (most active hours), and much more. These details can guide strategic decisions and operational improvements.

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