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Daptin is an open-source framework for backend development, specifically designed for the swift creation and deployment of production-level JSONAPI microservices. By enabling you to outline your data model, Daptin ensures that your JSON API is up and running in no time. The framework adheres to shared conventions, thereby improving productivity, leveraging generalized tooling, and allowing you to focus on the application.

About - Daptin


Daptin excels in exposing HTTP APIs for web and app developers looking to interact with the database and persistent storage. It facilitates a consistent API with authentication and authorization for database tables and metadata. The software allows you to define data tables and relations either through config files or API calls while offering middleware support for handling data normalizations and conformations.

A unique feature of Daptin includes its capabilities around authentication and authorization on APIs. You have the ability to add users, create user groups, manage permissions based on an RWX-based system for rows and tables, generate JWT tokens with configurable expiry times, handle user sign-in/sign-up/password reset workflows etc. Furthermore, it even allows you to create indexes with constraints on columns where columns can hold attachments like images, videos or audio files.

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