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Filestash is a versatile web application that provides an efficient way to manage files on various storage backends like FTP or S3. It offers both self-hosted and cloud-based solutions, catering to businesses in need of comprehensive back-office management tools. The software's main goal is to resolve the limitations of traditional storage systems like Dropbox by offering more flexible storage options.

The official website for Filestash (formerly Nuage), the self-hosted web client for your data


In addition to acting as a bridge between the user and existing storage systems, Filestash also allows users to create their own backend by implementing an easy-to-understand interface. This flexibility makes it possible for those familiar with services like Dropbox to navigate complex systems without needing extensive training.

One of Filestash's standout features is its media streaming capabilities. Users can stream videos and music directly from their browser, making it an ideal tool for managing entertainment or multimedia files. Its approach to data management is straightforward – it does not matter where your data resides, as Filestash enables easy access and management.

Promoting collaboration is another key feature of Filestash. It provides a flexible sharing mechanism that allows users to create shared links which can be mounted as network drives. This feature simplifies team collaboration and ensures everyone has access to the information they need.

With 8191 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-27 the project looks healthy.