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Accelerate app development with Hasura's instant GraphQL APIs, advanced queries, real-time subscriptions, and robust authorization. Ideal for scalable projects.

Hasura is an open-source engine that instantly provides a real-time GraphQL API on top of new or existing databases, allowing developers to build scalable applications with less backend code. It offers powerful query capabilities, built-in authorization, and high-performance APIs that work with multiple database types.

Instant GraphQL APIs on your data | Built-in Authz & Caching
Hasura gives you instant GraphQL and REST APIs on new and existing data sources. Connect Hasura to your data & get APIs in under a minute.

Key Features

  • Instant Real-time APIs: Generate GraphQL and REST APIs from your databases in minutes with Hasura's powerful engine.
  • Query Capabilities: Perform advanced queries with filtering, pagination, joins, pattern search, and more using Hasura's intuitive query interface.
  • Mutations and Subscriptions: Easily insert, update, delete or subscribe to real-time changes in your database with Hasura's mutations and subscriptions.
  • Fine-grained Authorization: Define role-based access control down to row and column levels without complex backend code.
  • High Performance: Enjoy low-latency and high-throughput APIs thanks to Hasura's architectural optimizations including query caching and prepared statements.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Integrate Hasura to instantly turn database content into a GraphQL API for frontend applications, reducing development time for CRUD operations.
  • Leverage Hasura’s real-time subscriptions to build interactive dashboards that reflect live data changes without complex backend logic.
  • Utilize Hasura's authorization features to quickly implement secure access controls for multi-tenant applications where data segregation is critical.
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