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Hubleys is an innovative application designed to enhance the management and organization of links. It is self-hosted and introduces a personalized dashboard feature. This enables users to have their content in one centralized location which can be easily accessed and managed. Utilizing a unique yaml configuration, Hubleys can cater to multiple users simultaneously, making link organization more efficient and user-friendly.

GitHub - knrdl/hubleys-dashboard: Hubleys Brave New Dashboard
Hubleys Brave New Dashboard. Contribute to knrdl/hubleys-dashboard development by creating an account on GitHub.


The key features of Hubleys revolve around its ability to facilitate link management for multiple users at once. By employing a central yaml config, it provides users with the flexibility to configure their dashboards according to their needs while maintaining an efficient system in place. This highly customizable nature of Hubleys makes it an ideal choice for those who want control over their content.

Moreover, being a self-hosted platform, Hubleys ensures privacy as all data remains within the user's control. The dashboard element of Hubleys not only assists in organizing links but also streamlines navigation, enabling users to access their preferred content quickly and conveniently. In essence, Hubleys presents itself as a comprehensive solution where link management meets convenience.

With 22 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.