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IFM, an acronym for 'Integrated File Manager', is a powerful yet lightweight file management system packed into a single script. As an efficient tool designed to streamline file organization, it provides users with an easy way to manage their files and directories swiftly and smoothly.

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IFM stands apart due to its minimalist design that does not compromise on functionality. Despite being a compact single script, it offers comprehensive solutions that cater to diverse file management needs. Users can easily create or delete files and directories, upload or download files, copy or move them between different folders, and even perform archiving operations like zip and unzip.

Its capabilities are not just limited to file manipulation; IFM also boasts advanced features such as the ability to edit text files directly within your browser. It also includes password protection for secure access, ensuring only authorized users can view or modify the contents. With its user-centric approach and robust functionality, IFM stands as an effective alternative to traditional bulky file management systems.

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