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Livebook is an interactive notebook application that provides a live, collaborative platform for users to execute Elixir code snippets in real-time. This application has been created using Markdown, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and ease of use. Livebook takes the concept of traditional notebooks to a new level by offering real-time synchronization, thereby enabling various users to work on the same project simultaneously.

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Automate code & data workflows with interactive notebooks


The key feature of Livebook is its capability to run Elixir code snippets directly from the notebook. This allows users to effectively experiment with Elixir code, test its behavior, and observe the output on-the-go. This unique feature comes handy in learning or teaching coding concepts or when working simultaneously on a team project.

Apart from its coding functionality, Livebook also supports TeX and Mermaid Diagrams. With TeX support, users can create complex mathematical equations easily while Mermaid diagrams offer a simple way to generate diagrams and flowcharts through text. With these features on board, Livebook is not just an ordinary notebook but rather a flexible tool for both simple note-taking and advanced programming tasks.

With 3695 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-30 the project looks healthy.