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Mycorrhiza Wiki

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Mycorrhiza Wiki is a unique wiki engine that leverages the power of git and the Go programming language. It's designed to work directly with your filesystem, providing an innovative way to manage and share information. The software primarily employs Mycomarkup as its markup language to enhance user experience.

Mycorrhiza Wiki
Mycorrhiza Wiki is an open-source wiki engine for the independent web developed by Bouncepaw, who is assisted by other open-source contributors. Use Mycorrhiza for personal wikis, digital gardens and wikis for small teams or communities.


In Mycorrhiza Wiki, information management becomes seamless due to its git-based system. Git allows for tracking changes in any set of files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. This feature makes Mycorrhiza Wiki an excellent tool for team collaboration, track changes history and rollback features.

Furthermore, the use of Go language provides a robust and efficient tool for programming needs. Also noteworthy is the exclusive use of Mycomarkup as its primary markup language in Mycorrhiza Wiki. This unique feature adds versatility to the system by allowing it to interpret and format text in a more user-friendly manner. With these key features, Mycorrhiza Wiki stands out as an excellent choice for your wiki engine needs.

With 169 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-28 the project looks healthy.