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OpenVPN is an acclaimed server solution that's packaged with an intuitively simple key manager. This software offers an efficient way to ensure the secure transfer of data across your network, providing reliable protection with minimal setup.

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OpenVPN has many developers and contributors from OpenVPN Inc. and from the broader OpenVPN community.


Core features of OpenVPN include its TCP-based VPN tunnel that utilizes AES-256-CBC encryption. This powerful safeguard guarantees the safety of your data while in transit. Additionally, it uses a pre-shared static key (PSK) for enhanced protection of the TLS channel. To ensure all connected devices can interact seamlessly, they can be reached either through '' or simply 'device.user'.

Another invaluable tool offered by OpenVPN is its client connection status indicator and built-in prevention method for DNS leaks. This feature incorporates a private DNS server that operates as part of the app itself. Furthermore, it allows you to issue and revoke client certificates on a per-device basis for heightened security control. You also have the flexibility to install this app multiple times to create separate OpenVPN instances. Finally, every Cloudron-authenticated user has access to create and download keys via the '/' location on the key management interface.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.