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Sandstorm is a one-stop-shop for individuals looking for an accessible and secure way to run self-hosted applications. This personal server software simplifies the process, making it possible for almost anyone to manage their own apps without any specific technical knowledge.

Take control of your web by running your own personal cloud server with Sandstorm.


Key features of Sandstorm include its robust security measures and easy hosting capabilities. With Sandstorm, users can rest assured that their data is protected against potential threats, thanks to its built-in security features such as sandboxing. The software automatically isolates each application in a separate environment (or 'sandbox'), limiting the potential damage if an app were to be compromised.

Furthermore, the software boasts equally impressive hosting capabilities. Sandstorm supports a wide range of popular web apps, enabling users to host anything from documents and spreadsheets to chat apps and task trackers on their server with just a few clicks. It's easy-to-navigate user interface makes managing your hosted apps a breeze, whether you're adding new ones or maintaining existing ones.

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