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Webarchive is a powerful software solution for individuals looking to have their online content at their fingertips. This innovative tool serves as a lightweight, self-managed wayback machine that allows users to convert their bookmarks into easily accessible HTML and PDF files.

GitHub - derfenix/webarchive: Own webarchive service
Own webarchive service. Contribute to derfenix/webarchive development by creating an account on GitHub.


A primary feature of Webarchive is its capability to create HTML and PDF outputs from user's bookmarks. This turns the cumbersome task of searching for previously saved bookmarks into a streamlined process. Users can retrieve their favoured online content without needing an internet connection, enabling them to read, study or reference this material at any time.

Another key aspect of Webarchive is its self-hosting nature. This gives users absolute control over their data while ensuring privacy and security. The software doesn't require much in terms of system resources, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight solution. With Webarchive, no longer will you need to worry about losing access to your bookmarks due to server issues or site shutdowns.

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