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wger is a dynamic web-based solution tailored to assist in personal workout tracking and weight management. Designed with user-friendly features, it simplifies the process of logging, tracking, and managing your overall fitness regime.

Features - wger
wger Workout Manager is a free, open source web application that manages your exercises and workouts.


The software offers unique functionalities that makes it stand out. To begin with, it allows users to log their daily workouts in detail. The users can track each exercise they perform, the number of sets and repetitions they complete, and the amount of time they spend on each activity. This feature enables users to keep a close eye on their progress over time.

Furthermore, wger also acts as a comprehensive weight logger. It accurately records daily body weights, providing helpful insights into your weight trends over time. By monitoring these trends, you can better understand your body's response to different workouts or diets and make necessary adjustments.

Moreover, wger has an in-built nutrition tracker that helps you manage your diet effectively. It lets you record your daily calorie intake as well as keep track of the macro-nutrient breakdown of the foods you consume. With this data at hand, you can tailor your diet according to your workout needs and weight management goals.

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