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Discover the power of NocoDB for low-code development. Versatile data views, real-time collaboration, and no-code automation for your database needs.

Overview: NocoDB is an open-source platform that transforms your database into a smart spreadsheet. Designed for ease of use without any coding requirements, it empowers users to create versatile database solutions leveraging their own databases or opting for built-in options capable of handling millions of rows effortlessly.

NocoDB Cloud
Instantly turn your Database into a No-Code Platform

Key Features

  • Intuitive Spreadsheet Interface: Experience the simplicity of spreadsheets while managing databases with full-scale features.
  • Versatile Data Views: Choose from Grid, Kanban, Gallery, or Form views to best fit your workflow and data presentation needs.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Connect your existing databases quickly or import data from various formats like CSV and Excel.
  • Collaborative Environment: Invite team members to collaborate in real-time on projects and share insights seamlessly.
  • Extensive API Support: Automate workflows and integrate with other services using robust APIs and webhooks.
  • Schema Management: Visualize and manage your database schema effortlessly with ERD diagrams.
  • Sophisticated Table Operations: Perform advanced operations like filtering, sorting, grouping right within your tables.
  • No-Code Automations: Create custom automations without writing a single line of code using quick actions.
  • Data Sovereignty: Maintain full control over your data without artificial limitations imposed by other platforms.
  • Community Driven Development: Benefit from a product shaped by thousands of innovative community contributors.

NocoDB Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create dynamic CRM systems that can be customized quickly to adapt to evolving business needs without extensive development work.
  • Integrate project management tools within existing workflows that require minimal setup time and offer real-time collaboration features.
  • Leverage NocoDB's APIs to build custom dashboards that aggregate data from multiple sources for comprehensive reporting and insights.
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